Mojang threatens lawyers against pay-to-win Minecraft server operators

Oh Grum, why did you choose to serve these fans such unfortunate news?

So if you haven't been following the Minecraft drama in the past few hours (or days), you might be interested to know that Mojang is currently in the works to shut down Minecraft servers that give perks to players who pay, whether these be donations or not. Players and server operators are not happy.

As far as I currently know, and as the situation currently develops, Erik Broes (@_grum) on behalf of Mojang chatted up with server operators, namely MCPVP, Hypixel, and other ops to verbally serve them a cease and desist on their operations. I've been able to grab up a few snippets from Skype logs and from my friends [1].

Erik Broes: doesn't matter at all, based on plugins or not, you cannot make money with Minecraft without our permission :)
Erik Broes: running servers is *NOT* A BUSINESS*

Even threatening the presence of lawyers.

Erik Broes: We'll ask nicely and then send really mean lawyers :)

It doesn't take a Bitcoin sheep to understand that Mojang is trying to rid of the community that currently surrounds paid servers. The community which currently surrounds pay-to-win servers is no small speck.

Erik Broes: It just made me sad someone spent $1200 on a server, he could have given 44 kids a copy of minecraft rather than paying again for pixels he already owned

While spending $1,200 on a server is odd in the grand scheme of things to begin with, it isn't unheard of in the gaming world. Often, you don't find individuals who spend several thousand on a hobby, such as rocketry or rc airplanes peculiar. But that's just what Minecraft is, a hobby. One serves an individual's satisfaction; the other is straight up charity.

When was the last time you donated $1,200 to charity?

Unforeseen consequences

While it is purely of Mojang's right to enforce their policies on their intellectual property, many players believe that this will have disastrous effects for the community.

A significant player base of Minecraft revolves around large servers (500+ slots) that take huge amounts of resources to run. Server costs, custom development work on plugins reach in the several thousands of $ a month to maintain a server of this size. Each is like an individual startup. Hundreds of servers of this size exist as to date.

Servers of this size usually operate on the model that users pay for game perks or in-game cosmetic items to receive appearance benefits. Models like these generally work well enough to support costs and provide a working salary for those who work full-time on the servers [2].

The issue is that Mojang is officially on the stance that server operators can only receive donations, and that no incentive for these donations/benefits can be given.

Eric Broes: donations are no problem, but only in that purest sense, you get *NOTHING* back for a donation

Pure donations at the current time are an unsustainable solution for servers of these size. With nothing to be given in return, many users are given no incentive to donate. Similar to the events of a deflationary spiral, the majority of servers whose cost to maintain is higher than that of a vanilla server will inevitably shutdown.

Development for multiplayer servers will have to rely on the goodness of developers to provide something other than the Vanilla servers that often many players get tired with.

In the EULA, planned beforehand

It's interesting that this clause has been in the the EULA (end user license agreement) since at least last December, however it had never been enforced until now. It is likely that Mojang had been waiting to make this move for a while, but did not have the nerve to do so.

Updated: 11 December 2013 15:22



So the one major rule is that (unless we specifically agree it – such as in brand and asset usage guidelines) you must not:

  • give copies of our Game to anyone else;
  • make commercial use of anything we‘ve made;
  • try to make money from anything we‘ve made; or
  • let other people get access to anything we‘ve made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable.

Hidden agenda?

Currently it's very prominent that Mojang makes money off of Minecraft primarily through game purchases and merchandise licensing. It seems that this isn't enough. Mojang might be beginning to fancy the potential for "pay-to-win" servers, and is tightening down control of the current Minecraft ecosystem. However, much like Twitter has done in the past, it doesn't seem that voicing any complaints will help.

Edit: One plausible theory proposed by altcognito on Hacker News is that Minecraft is trying to funnel users to their "rent-a-server model" business, Realms. Personally, this seems much more likely.

Earlier today, there was a petition against Mojang to modify the EULA in users' favor. It has since been removed.

Mojang is making a dangerous play, one that may cripple the flourishing community indefinitely. It will be interesting how this plays out in the next couple of days.
[1]: The various logs I've collected can be seen here and here. More are on Skype, however it serves as an inconvenience to get them.

[2]: As a personal example, my friend (who will be unnamed) partially contracts his time out for $1-2k a month for his plugin development work.
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So running an actual service people can connect to "Isn't a business" but recording myself playing the game and making funny faces and screaming then uploading the turd to youtube is a business? Get fucked Mojang
Mojang is taking a turn for the worse. however this has been in for a while. we agreed to it. I am going to miss the servers i play on. but singleplayer can be fun too. right?
I agree with pewdiepie. The best thing to do here is have all paid servers drop Minecraft and kids can move on to a new game and mojang can fade into the past. They have nothing else.
people need to get over it, you wouldn't give money to a homeless person, then take his sleeping bag would you?
Elliot, i might. i like getting things in return. plus, i would feed him not pay him. he is likely to waste it on drugs
A while ago i believe notch said they had enough money reserves to keep minecraft running for up to 10 years without any income, what if they started giving some of that money to charity's.....?
OMG, mojang is getting to worse now, I wasted my money on this game asf. If this happend, i'm quitting minecraft from now on. since i'm a player since 2011. f*ck off mojang. =(
The Realms hypothesis is bullshit because realms servers only support 10 players, this is not a replacement in any way for many many servers. The statement about incentive is also bullshit, because the incentive is to keep the server up, you're donating to keep a project running.
I have play on servers that offer "premium subscriptions", since I started playing, shortly after Alpha ended. Ending this community, and all of its proponents, will infuriate a great majority of players, who often purchase "alternate" accounts for these servers, which provide Mojang with more money. Several owners of these server "empires", have worked for years to build up the income of their respective servers, in order to recieve payment for the thousands of hours spent on them. If Mojang was truly concerned with the payments from their community, in order to continuously generate a profit, they could simply charge for name changes, or go after the hosting companies themselves, and setup hosting stations around the world, and simply replace these hosting companies, or even charge a percentage of profits from said companies. Do not punish those that have actually worked toward the profit they are receiving. Not to mention that, most of the "premium" items, are not vanilla services, and thus, gives little right to Mojang to prevent such a purchase. If Mojang does indeed pursue such actions, I simply suggest moving to another game, for, should this succeed, we will only see other ridiculous pursuits for income for Mojang, due to the fact that they do not know how to create other games, as other gaming companies have discovered. I believe, as many do, that this will be the death of Mojang, should they continue on this path.
What is the point of doing that? like seriously. I payed a total of 300$ to servers and 50$ for accounts. Are you going to stop what I most enjoy and alot of others play? Without donators do you think minecraft will survive? No, it won't.
And in the corner Bitcoin speaks confidently under its breath "it's my time to shine." Bitcoin might be a good solution to allowing perk driven donations to continue, mojang wouldn't have to deal with the "my kid stole our credit card and paid $XXX.XX for your game." In game transactions would be easy to carry out and amounts can be set to very tiny fractions of a penny. |\__/,| (`\ _.|o o |_ ) ) ---(((---(((--------- swagmoto out
Mojang, 70% of the MC servers that have donor perks are not for profit. Most of them spend the money on making the server better and so players would be satisfied, what your doing is destroying all the work that has been done to create these large communitys. So basicly no one would be playing Minecraft anymore
Mojang is digging themselfs a grave, tring to suport realms, $7 a month may not seam like a lot, but after 5 years (If it even lasts that long) you have spent your hole lifes savings. #BOOmojang
Mojang is bighting the hand that feeds them, they are realy tring to screw a hole facter of the game, and most likely a huge amount of people that only play the game on these "Pay to win" servers. IT REALY PISSES ME OFF FUCK YOU MOJANG
the dark power of EA games is influencing them to the darkside.
Big Server owners pay at least $1000+. Think about how they pay that money off, exactly donations. What they are doing is freaking ridiculous. What players do with their money doesn't matter to you Mojang. Stop being butt hurt about donations. - #FireMojang
Loss of big servers = loss of players = loss of publicity = loss of big YouTube stars = loss of money. Get it now Mojang? #iwantnotchback
*sigh* Mojang, the goal of Minecraft was to make a game enjoyable to those who played it. What you are doing now is sentencing those who have payed money to get a slight advantage over non-donators to a loss of money. I play servers all the time, and the only thing donating does is gives you small perks, like fly, which just decreases the time it takes to build something. It is fine.
Well shit. So much for the server I've been working on for months that hasn't even launched yet. There's no incentive now. This is a really poor decision on Mojang's part.
Well I recently became a donator and payed over 160$ for Because I REALLY SUPPORT the server and if that server gets taken down by mojang or something Im going to die. Mojang if you go with this You are digging your grave.
This, legally, can't affect perks given by plugins or mods, as they didn't create the content being sold. Further, once you purchase software, it's legally yours to do what you will with, that's why you're giving money. We don't rent minecraft accounts, we buy them, and this means we can modify it (read: mod) as we wish. Mojang attempting to shut down servers that give out modded or plugin perks can and likely will result in counter-lawsuits, and with the large number of people who do this, likely a class-action lawsuit. No matter how much money you have or how many lawyers you have, Mojang, when you get sued for this, the judge WILL find in favor of the law. This is a gamble on Mojang's part, and not something they are likely to win.
Yo, Mojang if you're going to say if someone donates they cant get nothing in return. OK instead of Donations why not have them be Products from your server for the server so Technically its like Wal-mart u buy sh*t from there and Use it in your life well server u buy your sh*t and then use it for the server simple as that. So Mojang if you really want to start sh*t message me on skype im thegermansoldier1. Wait just nevermind you guys are already have your head up your a*s so why even bother Mojang just leave servers alone if you were one of us wouldnt you want money from YOUR server you pay for? I mean people make servers for some extra cash and to Upgrade their servers so if you cant handle that I will have everyone from my town who plays MineCraft Revolt until this will be solved if you cant solve this say goodbye to about 10k people playing your Sh*tty a*s game so Stop with server sh*t -John By the way this is not my real name
So people can earn lots of money from you tube and thats fine but people are not allowed to help out the HUGE cost of running a server and be rewarded for there kind generosity. Isnt it just like WWF you donate for something like "Save a Tiger" and get the little cudly toys and info packs for your generosity and support, isnt this just like donating for a server you help them out and get a small perk? Also why are people allowed to make you tube videos? They make a huge income off of it and put a lot of time and money into it for new Eguiptment, Just like a server it takes a ton of time and money to get it up and running and even then its not nessecarily going to becom succesful. All Mojang are trying to do is fix something which they screwed up with the whole realms thing. They ordered too many servers and no one is intrested in the realms cos they can host something far better with other hosts Such as Nitrous Networks, McProHosting and Intreppid for the same price as Mojangs crap Realms server which you dont know the specs of, for all we know it could be some Intel 2.4Ghz Pentium dual core processor with 256Mb of SD RAM, for the same price as a i5 4770k 3.4 Ghz processor with 1GB DDr3 RAM. If this is how it is I will have too shut down my server which I have developed over the last year, and if I cant recieve donations, I cant pay for it, I do make money for my server but every Penny i make goes straight back into maintanance and upgrading of the server hardware, website features, teamspeak, All in all this is another greedy move by Mojang to make more money, I would honestly say mojang have not been greedy since there new realms server feature opened up but it seens they have seen the chance to make money and leaped forwards to get it, rather than server hosts taking it, Anyway servers liek Hypixel need the money to hire developers and make the community even better creating many custom minigames which everyone can play and benefit from, the amount of servers they have and the cost of them all vs the donations they get will make them money but the majority will go into growing and developing the server. Im just thinking Mojang hate servers lol, First Move from IDs to names, Screws up everything Second Move from Names to UUIDs, Screws up everything and finally this bull sh*t
Well here comes the end to Minecraft, donations in most cases are what run servers, since they are not necessarily cheap. And who wants to donate to a game server if there is no benefit for them, its not like they are making the world a better place as if they were donating to a charity. Or maybe this is Mojang's way of getting people to buy there very own cheap server hosting. Who cares, this game is getting old anyways.
Hey, I'm 13, iv been running a server since the age of about 9, and its become my life. We recently embarked on creating a new network, offering more for the players like custom mini games and so on. Since we started offering perks for donating about 6-7 months ago, our server began to raise about £100 a month. This allowed us to upgrade the server hardware, add new features and generally make the server better. We are a non profit making business where every last penny goes back into the server. That means this new proposal could put me and hundreds of thousands like me in some deep trouble when all the customers start demanding refunds. It is clear that this is just to benefit Mojang, so they get more money in the long run. This is because they think that more money will be spent on there own products. But your wrong! People would leave mine craft because Single player just isn't fun anymore. People would leave, friends wouldn't have anyone to play with meaning they to would leave. This resulting in a massive player base loss, and a whole load of haters. Basically, if you ban donations, servers close, if servers close, players leave mine craft, if players leave mine craft you not only have wasted A LOT of money on realms, you have pissed of a hell of a lot of people. Or you could leave everything as it is and let servers progress, people will get happier with cool new features and games that servers are producing and you earn more money from people buying accounts and other minecraft products. Think about it. Servers were implemented BY YOU to play with friends as it was more fun than playing on your own. This increased the player base and got you more money. If you reverse that, the opposite happens and you lose out. Add my Skype to keep up to date with the new Network 'Altitude' jh20008
i fully support mojang,in finally clamping down on pay2win Servers,it's about time they moderated the usage of their software,not surprisingly they're sick of the complains from parents receiving huge bills,because some child took their card,some of the price perks cost more than the game!
po mojang pqp vei se vc fizer isso vc vai perder um jogador U.U
nao faça isso
You guys will kill minecraft
Mojang se fizer isso é -1 jogador comprei mine original so pra jogar em servers
nao faça isso
was thanks to minecraft, I met many important people to me ... my friends ... and if it ends, how we play together online? open for lan? please do not do this you are destroying one of the best games in the world, if not the best, good minecraft is playing the multiplayer servers without minecraft it will fail ... well think about it.
Por favor deixe o minecraft do geito que ele esta nao faça isso !
Por favor Mojang não faça isso
mojang ñ faz isso
Por favor nao acaba com o minecraft
nao deletem os severs
andam por ai mais de 10 milhoes de pessoas com o minecraft pirata e cada cunta custa 70 reais 20 euros(depende) e agora nibguem vai poder ganhar dinheiro com servers! se tirarem os servers eu vou reportat a mojang e vou querer o meu dinheiro outra vez!
Pra que fazer isso notch? ;-;
Minecraft mojang can not end with this pair is horrible just because they are rich
Nooooooooo Please!
Não faça isso Mojang! Pense bem!
o minecraft não pode acabar
Mojang does not do this, you wronged yourself and everyone think hard about it!
Please don't delete this server, i love minecraft, if mojang make this i will stop to play!
Mojang notch no please minecraft se fizer isso vai fali PUTA Q PARIUUUUU
pqp vei a so comprei o minecraft original para jogar em server seus pnc
not stop with the minecraft severs nois paid almost 100 to play your game
po como vou fazer gg kangaru tiu
Gg kangaru
Nao porra
mojang sem os severs de minecraft tipo hypixel ou mc PVP sei lá mais sem esses servidores por que diabos eu ia comprar minecraft original ? sendo que eu posso jogar single player no minecraft pirata
Does this mean that the following server that are pay-to-win, are violating the EULA and Mojang could take them down? (Crewniverse - Rank prices as high as $500.) (Minetime Cloud - Donate to get better stuff.) (DeadX server - purchased a rank from it.) (Woodygamertag's Server - Rank prices as high as $500; Some say that he is a money whord.) These are the current servers that I play on.
Do not close the servers fucking! right now I'd buy my original Minecraft servers to play on the famous and several minigames, shut the servers I swear I'll never play Minecraft, because the survival mode alone is boring and tedious, I swear I'll never hear about Minecraft and I regard it as a mere joke created by a company that made ​​a game and then destroyed it
Close the minecraft? For what? A game so good that from 2011 back fun to the public bit childish as an adult, he doesn't deserve to be closed like that for no reason? You don't see what you are doing if you decide to end the game? Will be destroying half of youtube, because 80% of the channels are focused in minecraft. Minecraft is nice, but the game itself is losing a little grace, new stuff is missing, if it is to close, close temporarily to improve the game.
If we remove donation from donation store it will be just a store sell what u can from a store so it is not donations solved Do this all server owners and fight back by saying it is not donations print this paper out find loop holes ok
this is f**king b**ls**t
This is great. All these people saying that minecraft is so good and now it won't be, srsly, wtf? These big servers only emerged recently, for the most part, I love playing on creative servers, and I love creative mode. I love survival, but before hunger. It's fun. I can make my own server, whitelisted, just to build or survive with my friends. Most of the owners of these servers are money whores. Don't you guys get it. You have been tricked. Minecraft was supposed to be a game about building and surviving. But with the help of server owners and mojang too, it became worse. I have played minecraft since alpha, and it was my favorite game right until the hunger update. Then it went in a decline. Hunger, enchantments, and such. Even and end to the game? This update, call it what you like, if it goes through, will get me back into minecraft. Thank you Mojang.
Please don't end the servers of minecraft . Very Very people plays minecraft every Day .
Tradução I'm Portuguese. Please do not do it. Many people around the world play minecraft daily and all do not want that to happen. Notch did not make the biggest mistake of your life
Srsly mojang. Servers need to pay for their host. Donations allow them to do so and Also to upgrade their ram. Are players of servers happy? Yes. Are donators happy? Yes. Are server OWNERS happy? Yes. Then what the actual F*ck is you problem? If we were Selling Mc accounts for profit then yes, Theres a problem. if we are making people pay just to play on a server with others, I understand u could have a problem. but no, Server owners and their staff put a lot of effort into making minecraft servers for their Players Enjoyment. They then need income to keep the server uprunning and to upgrade it. Players donate for perks to make the gameplay MORE FUN. WE ARE ALL HAPPY!!!!! HOw many complaints were there about MC players before this crap? almost none. Now, That you have made this idiotic move, We are all mad. So please, Stop this F*cking Bullsh*t and allow us to happily pay for a minecraft account and PLAY. Maybe YOU should make your own server and get donations from us. THEN YOU WOULD BE HAPPY. (that's a good idea you actually should) And you would get a feel of what us server owners feel like. Thankyou, Idiots.
Mojang, if you do this, it is your death. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING??? Or maybe you are jealous, because some servers can get money, eve if it is like 20 per week? I know one server, where you can buy perks, and if it server is going down because of you, then I never play your MineShit again! I know that you lost all money you got, if you do this. If you don't like it, do yourself better servers, and don't ask any donates! And do servers, where all perks are for all people FREE! How do you like this?
Omg!!! MOJANG YOU DICKS!!! I have spent $100 for two servers; harry potter rp and minigames.... One of the owners for the harry potter rp server is a military army pilot and creates his own plugins for the harry potter style (Felixx61) and the other is a busy man with a wife and 2 kids (both aged about 24) they dont need the fliippen money! They use the money to; spend on a enjin website, spend on the server and then 20% of money left (every month) is given to all different charitys and then any profit made is saved up and 10% goes to the 2 admins (known by the owners) each.... thats like 40% gone to charity and the admins, 30-40% to the server and website and then the extra is saved up for the future.... Also once they gave 500-600 $ to the Harry Potter film companys etc as if it wasnt for them then, there wouldn't be that friendly community ect..... FROM ME, GOODBYE!!!! P.S. hopefully bob will sort you guys out just like how he sorted out Google and Youtube!!! #FUCKYOU!
Mojang, if one of your staff is reading this, tell them this: Your destroying your own game. Your literally burning all your cash down. Half the minecraft players are insulting you, aswell as 3/4 of the players will quit the game. You will be bankrupt, i don't know why your considering to do this new mockery you call a ''new rule''. just 6 simple words. Almost everyone will quit the game.
pretty sure i would 100 percent quit this game. makes it fun to buy upgrades on servers. we all ask for our money back for the people who spent money on severs. due to fact you allowed this to happen for years. now sync thats been told. you can't do this. you already have meny people upset an angry no need to take it further. -Grumpey123
Ive been playing for 4 years now and im in the development of a new minigames server which i have spent all my work money on over 200 now! i hope this doesnt play through
Fail on Mojang's side. Mojang is getting corrupted. All they want is people to buy their own stupid realms. This is just gonna ruin Minecraft. Everyone is gonna quit. Do they want that so people can play the gay magic game or cobalt? Mojang you are failing. FAIL ON MOJANG.
Mojang, don't do this to servers it will kill Minecraft and the server operators won't have a server to play on anymore. This reincarnation on the page about this has been going to a whole new level of failure. We need to keep it the way it is NOW!!!!!!
I thought Notch was cool and stuff... I GUESS NOT, HE IS JUST A MONEY WHORE.
Wow. I might stop making Minecraft video because of this. Seriously Notch? I thought what we had was special.
WTF ARE MOJANG FUCKING STUPID And Sebastian Croft SINGLE PLAYER FUCKING SUCKS if they remove paying for things on mine craft to make your mine craft experience a little bit easier i want a refund on my account this is honestly the stupidest fucking idea i have ever heard!!
Mojang, the matter of the fact is, you are missing out on money, and that is your fault. Don't make other servers suffer because you can't get your shit together and make some money your self. When I first bought minecraft, there was something on the home page that showed how many copies of minecraft have been sold, that number increased by almost 1000 in 30 seconds. just made 30 fucking thousand dollars...the money from servers is purely to help the minecraft community in a different way. Servers help attract people to minecraft, and I think I speak for a lot of people when they say single player is not exactly the greatest thing in the world. Servers need money to stay up and open. Without the money, they can shut down in an instant. Not only does it give server players/owner's incentive to make a server and play minecraft all together. It also encourages the matter of work hard, get rewarded. No one in this world gets money for free. Money is hard work to get. And the fact that someone would spend their hard earned money on a game, YOUR game, means something. As for everyone saying that every server should have donations without perks, let me give you a mental image. If Hypixel started to give everyone MVP rank, you would get a lot of coins, you would unlock everything there is to unlock, everyone would have everything, therefore making it unreasonable to play, you have everything, you don't need to play for anything else. On the other hand that perks are rare and hard to get. Only a select few who actually work for money have the perks, that makes them feel good about themselves, have fun, like to hang around with others a lot & helps the server to stay up so others who do not have the certain perks can continue to play on it freely. If you want to say that you can just donate for the hell of it I say yes you can, in fact most servers do have that. But what incentive if there to actually donate. Would you donate to a server, even though you get nothing out of it? You are basically asking server owners to trust that their servers that sometimes cost $1,000-$5,000 to rely that people will donate, for the hell of it? A Survey shows that 1-29 people will actually donate money just because they want to. All in all what I am saying is this: Minecraft needs servers, servers need donations, donators need incentive, and PERKS ARE INCENTIVE.
Good job mojang, look what you did to your players This will destroy my server aslong as i pay 50$ a month. #STOPTHISSHIT
I, for one, agree with Mojang. Making money off of parts of a game without the developer's permission is resale, which has always been blatantly illegal. It's time they took a stand on this, and I think it's absolutely ridiculous for kids to be spending thousands on "premium packages" and other bullshit. People are trying to turn Minecraft into something it's not. I can't even play on PVP servers anymore because it's impossible to win with thousands of donators with extra "perks". I paid for this fucking game. I shouldn't have to pay again, period. Fuck microtransactions. You go, Mojang.
I'm sorry to say this, but is this really entitled to your opinion? I have no option against your comment. Having perks is very fun and your decision isn't voted the most as the vote against Mojang doing this to servers what so ever. I would rather suggest that Mojang should keep it the way it is since people are flooding comments from YouTube and Twitter including a lot of criticism about the fact that Mojang is taking this way out of hand and I don't want him to do that if so. I don't want Mojang to ruin everyones server experience and fun on servers. So please, keep it the way it is. Thank you.
I hope who ever reads this shit is just going to believe it this is a fake if the goes to court, parlement, anything. the people will win the whole point of this game is not to hoard all money it is to be a free roam game that you can do what ever the fuck you want.
I was going to make a Bukkit plugin with Vault and have an economy backed by dogecoins. Now I've done the one thing Mojang can't sue me for. I deleted my account. Go suck a big fat donkey dick Mojang.
Really Mojang REALLY?!?!?!?! realms is actually (And we all saw this coming) A Crapy monopoly. *mojang " Herp now we gonna go google style and take over the community with This Tri-Butthurt Crap scheme that's gonna make us aww wich and cwap. HERP. NO MORE DONOR STORE FOR OU HYPIXLE Trololololo" *Players and hardworkers "NOPE AINT GONNA TAKE SHIT FROM THIS "DONATING WITH NO RETURN :(" -players *Hard Workers " Great. now im broke and cant get this crap no more cuz no playus gonna donate. THX MOJANG. NEVER USING MINCRAFT OR SCROLLS OR ANY OF DAT SHIZ ANYMORE!" *Realms " No one got meee! why? CAUS EVERYONES BROKE AND CANT GET DONATOR PROFITS!" Mojang "Why is the community falling apart and we getting broke? Oh yeah our EULA's getting in our way. lets just remove this and. TADA. years later, WE STILL BROKE! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Former minecraft player: " You were too late and all of us community ppls are dne with you FOOLS! me - "I don't remember getting an EULA. where da crap did dis come from?" BACK TO THE PRESENT Mojang "well maybe we should atleast say we get 50%" Mojang " Nope we gonna make up EULA crap and be butthurts and charge all dose broke ppl 10 bukeroos a month for our crapy services that don't do us no good :3" us: Go to hew mojang. you suck. we gonna play starbound instead A few years later: Mojangs copyright of starbound MINECRAFT SPACE EDITION us:" ughhh now they copyright the next best game. they rlly are stupid. they didn't code any of this. AND STARBOUND REALLY DOES HAVE AN EULA. GET THE LAWERS!!!
honestly. i spent 100 dollars for some perks and a little advantage in building. (/fly) NOW YOURE GOING TO CANCEL IT? FUCK. YOU. MOJANG. IF YOU DO THIS IMA QUIT THIS GAME. AND BYEBYE PROFIT. AND YOU MOJANG SHITS CAN GO KILL YOURSELF.
Wow I can't believe how much stupid idiotic whiners are in these comments. Piediepie you are a complete pile of crap! Mojang is doing a nice thing to make sure idiots like you don't exhort money from others. This is gonna help minecraft a lot as there will be less pay to win idiot servers online. Servers aren't even that expensive to begin with. It's idiotic pay to win server owner leaches who are mad as they won't be able to leech off others again. So piediepie and other pay to win supporters just go f*** yourself. This is coming from a person who started playing minecraft in the good old indev days.
WOW...i wasted my money on all that shit...and by all that SHIT i mean minecraft itself...mojang, go fuck yourself, u ruined it. starbound time
You idiots who are commenting here. Go fuck yourselves! It's douche bags like you who made this happen. Fucken leaches always trying to make money off of everything. Mojang did a good thing here. If you want to argue with me, please do so at
As a small server owner I do agree with the eula for one reason communty the problem with these play to win servers is they rune the who Game experience who wants to go around in god mode so they can be the best player it not a everyday job its a charity to the people. I think mojange did not intend for there game to be used has a money making machine minecraft was design for the community nothen more nothen less just a free to play and enjoy game to create to hang out to pvp not to make money on that just plain greedy you wine "my sever is to much to run" well I have one thing to say find a nother job and just stop taking advantage of players and there money just to firth yer empire of cars house expensive item nothen to do with minecarft its just greed so pleas mojange in force eula and many other will be greatful to have a fare playing ground again. DOWN WITH PAY TO WIN SERVERS
This decision by Mojang is making me love minecraft even more! I going to play even more than now. Most of the community agrees with me when I said this. Also captainsparklz and piediepie, I don't give a fucken crap about you fucken EA pay to win supporting ass holes. Get a fucken job and stop exhorting money from people. A big middle finger to all you greedy server money exhorting bastards! Down with pay to win! Mojang is the best.
thats right DOWN WITH PAY TO WIN SERVERS!!!!!!!!!
Dont call the owner of servers, "money whores". Ur donating to keep the server going. Some players who dont know the diffuculty of running a server can be such idiots
So big servers that rely on 1k-5k a month have to rely on players to donate just 4 the hell of it with nothing in return..... mojang ur digging ur own grave. erik is a retard, go to line 500+
If people can't donate to servers anymore, most servers will close. Realms is s**t. My friend bought a realm and it's the dumbest s**t ever. I bought multiple Minecraft accounts, looks like I've wasted my money. I think I'm quitting minecraft.
Go suck a dick piediepie, captainsparles retarded, and those idiots that are angry with this. It's good mojang did this so idiots like those can't exhort money out of people.
i don't know about you all but imma go play League of Legends
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No one cares about charity tho
fuck yo charity
New EULA=NO money. NO moe=ney=NO MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NO RESOURSE PACKS!!!!!!!!!!!
hi im a server owner now for 3 months now and and have a server which my players love and have devoted my time and money to develop for free. and 75% of our players are asking if we could expand the player limit because some of their friends cant join as the server is always full and i said no we cant because me and the admins cannot afford to pay more hosting ram and player slot and some of the players who are willing to donate in exchange for nothing barely helps pay for the server. the players suggested that we put donation ranks and i said no because the mojang EULA forbids it. another issue is most plugins we want to put on our server that our players suggested is paid resource (custom plugins most of the coders and programmers of plugins dont work for free! well who wants to put their time , hard paid and earned programming knowledge and create a plugin for free.?) so i said no we cant we will stick to the free plugins the good community provides that 90% of the server on the world uses and besides our server cannot add more plugin as we dont have enough ram we will ask the hosting provider if they could donate us free ram in exchange for nothing as mojang suggests. (our players commented this is boring this is the same old shit on the other servers we play on and your plugin is buggy) i said to them please do not expect too much as this plugin is free( programmers lack the necessary motivation without getting as much as a bottle of beer or a pack of nachos for their plugin and giving bug support and updates.). they said to us after a month "we will leave this server now for another server with BALLS to stand up and risk closing down in exchange for newer innovated plugins and ideas like minecraft is supposed to be. a game for creativeness and making new ideas" some of them even said "imma play dota now of LoL i might win 2.5 million dollars XD." "your server is boring like shit!" "if i wanna just dig dirt and get no excitement from it imma quit minecraft" well those players gave us BALLS and we will enforce the donation ranks and perks! its do or die now! either way our server is going to close from lack of funds for innovation and server upgrades or mojang closes it!
another point cheat mods are widespread now and donation ranks are some of the way to lessen the pain regular players endure when cheater wreck havoc on their builds like nukers glitchers which uses your resource pack options to implement their cheat mods, hey mojang do you have a server in asia with low ping 50ms below and have 20+ player slots cause i got 20+ regular friends who plays every day and our PC is not enough so we need to rent on hosting. AND WHY WOULD PARENTS FREAKIN BLAME THE SERVERS FOR YOUR CHILDREN USING YOUR CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR SERVER PERKS ITS YOUR CARD YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LEAVING YOUR FREAKING CARD LYING AROUND AND FOR YOUR THOUGHTLESS CHILDREN TO USE! and we put eula of our own on our donation sites that states that upon donating you agree that you are of proper age on your country that you resides in and is legal to donate that you agree that you are not forced to donate and that you have the right to reject or accept any rewards that this server offers for your support on keeping our server pay its bills and letting other players who cant pay for mojangs realm play free of charge with their friends who cant afford the mojang server or setup their own server. so if you have to sue someone mojang sue the irresponsible parents who cant regulate their children s activities! AND WE FREAKIN FREE TO PLAY SERVERS ARE THE ONE KEEPING YOUR GAMES UP! and the programmers who gets donations from us servers are the one providing the new innovations like the factions plugin! MOJANG YOUR ARE KILLING A EVOLVING COMMUNITY.
Mojang, You are trying to destroy your own game. Don't you think that about 80-90% Minecraft playerbase are in those big servers, And if you banned donations with perks, Then 1. Servers will be only opening pure donations. 2. 99.9% of the donators would no longer donates. 3. Servers will be bankrupts 4. A Huge Massive Playerbase Loss 5. No one will play minecraft excepts starters. 6. No one will like Minecraft. 7. Youtube MC Channels will be gone because most of them are recording those servers. 8. Minecraft won't be popular anymore. 9. Minecraft will now be a REALLY litte kid game. 10. Once more, A huge playerbase loss. So If you are doing this, It's just the same as you asking your players to quit your game and move onto another game. You are digging your own grave.
My given name should help explaining why not only I support this. But also why I LOVE what mojang is doing. Let me explain. On the apoc gaming servers they used the pay to win model. Still are. But the staff was abusive and corrupt and I shortly begun to understand that "zila con" (the owner) was not any better. In fact he was an complete arse. And I was banned for just donating one month. Apperently there was this (made up) rule that you could only donate recurring. And by disabling it so that next month I didn't pay that's when you get banned. So if mojang is doing this. I dance on damian's (zilacon)'s financial grave 😊
Good, that means they should shut down
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